Want to go on a vacation somewhere near Delhi? Who said there are only a few mainstream areas that you can visit near Delhi?

Truth is that there are some heavenly places around Delhi that you can visit in all seasons.

So just get out of your mundane lives, get fixated on travelling and find out the best places to visit near Delhi in every season. You can have a wholesome experience by clubbing these offbeat places with your Delhi tour.

And in case you are wondering, let us quickly check out the 15 top places to visit near Delhi, round the year.

Keoladeo National Park

This magnificent forest is a bird lover’s paradise. If you are an avid wildlife lover or enthusiast and want to explore a forest which is a pretty much sought after destination near Delhi then don’t think twice before visiting this serene forest which is tucked in Rajasthan. The rich avian fauna will amaze you. Along with birds, you will find at least 50 species of fish, 7 species of turtles and 379 different species of plants and trees. This place is just 233km away from the National capital. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a wonderful journey today itself.


If you are fond of spending an ideal weekend relaxing in the swimming pool or spa of a heritage resort or hotel along with a little bit of sightseeing then why not visit Neemrana heritage hotel? This stupendous hotel is located just at a distance of 130 km from Delhi. Travel India, travel with pride. This place is a perfect weekend getaway and you will the trip thoroughly. The major attractions are you will be able to capture flying foxes in beautiful frames and enjoy watching several cultural events. Also, just for your knowledge, it should be mentioned that this historic hotel was once a palace and was built in the 16th century AD.


The Venice of East” is calling you this weekend… are you interested? This city of lakes is known for its ethereal beauty. This place has an immense historical significance which is why every year many historians come rushing to this part of India. If you are a history lover, if you want to know about the rich heritage of India and Rajputs then Udaipur is perfect for you. This beautiful city is situated in Rajasthan and is 716km away from Delhi. If you love to cover a long distance in your car then you can drive and if you want to save some time then take a direct flight to Udaipur.


Let us now move on to the hilly parts. This place is located in Uttarakhand. A romantic little village which is known for its unearthly beauty and abundant avian fauna. Cheer Pheasant is a pretty exotic species found in this locale. Soak in the pleasures of nature and the freshness here. This quiet village is a perfect destination in case you want to spend a quiet weekend away from the city humdrum. You can walk a little and explore the area. This breathtakingly charming place is just 353.6km away from Delhi.


This is a perfectly beautiful spot located in Rajasthan. Have you heard of the famous Chand Baori? If not then visit the place this weekend, behold its beauty and know about the history of Daura. If you are planning for a perfect family trip but don’t want to travel far away from Delhi then visit this place. There are many other historical marvels that will have you hooked.  Dausa is not very much frequented by visitors but has a lot of tourism potential. Just 284.3 km away from Delhi, yes, it is that close. Pack your bags today and enjoy your vacation.


Look around a little in Rajasthan and you will find yourself amidst history. There is history in every nook and corner of Rajasthan. If you want to explore something new in Rajasthan then you try out Dundlod. This beautiful place is dotted with Havelis and Baoris (step-wells). Explore the unconventional place in Incredible India. You will be able to enjoy the Mughal and Indian (Rajputana) architectural styles in this village. This amazing place is located just at a distance of 262.2 km from Delhi. You can enjoy a long drive too if you wish.


The quaint village in Himachal is noted for its beautiful apple orchards and spectacular panoramic view. You can enjoy the lovely scene near Sauru Tal which is a mushroom-shaped lake. The meadows beautifully draped in emerald green will blow your mind for sure. Imagine yourself in this peaceful area all alone watching the beautiful clouds floating in the sky, the crystal clear blue water in which you will be able to look at your reflection … wow isn’t it? Stop imagining, pack your bags and enjoy your holidays. The distance from Delhi is 438.6 km via NH 44. 


If you are in search of mental peace and spiritual upliftment then Shoghi is it for you. In this place, you will come across tons of beautiful temples. If you are an adventure sport lover then you can opt for hiking and camping too in this utterly beautiful area. Know about the life of the villagers here, walk through the hilly terrain and enjoy birding. The distance of this place from Delhi is 330.8 km.


This place is Uttarakhand is located 2118 meters above sea level. Spend some quality time with your family in this town in Dehradun district. Enjoy the sight of ravishing cataracts as the Tiger falls; there are many such waterfalls that will captivate your soul, heart, and mind. When in Chakrata you can also visit Lakhamandal, Kanasar, Mundali, etc. in Mundali, you can indulge in skiing during winters. Explore the nearby caves.


A little bit towards the central part of India you will find a beautiful place called Orchha which is situated in Madhya Pradesh. This is just 498.2 km from Delhi and is a lovely weekend getaway for families or groups of friends. You will find the Old fort standing the test of time in Orchha, there are lovely temples in this town and the beautiful sight of River Betwa… what else do you need to make your vacation beautiful? Enjoy India tour by including this lovely place in your bucket-list.

Tirthan Valley

This place is one of the best places to see in India. This is a hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh. This epitome of tranquillity and beauty is ideal for people who are mostly interested in adventure sports like  – Hiking, fishing, trekking, wildlife watching and touring through the hamlets in this pristine locale. You can visit the Serolsar Lake, enjoy the experience of staying in rustic village homes, Visit the Parashar Lake; the sight of which is heavenly, witness the richness of traditions, visit temples, visit Cheni Kothi which is said to be 1500 years old… wow! And do a lot more. You must include this place in your tailor-made holidays’ list.


This place is honestly nature’s treasure chest. Located near Shimla, this place will intoxicate you with its beauty and refreshing ambience. Enjoy the slice of paradise in Fagu. From here you can visit the Shimla Reserve Forest to behold the rich mammalian and avian fauna. 360 km is the distance of this place from Delhi. Check out the best travel deals to make your vacation happening.


Next let us move on to Himachal’s yet another hidden treasure, Dharmashala. Enjoy the true essence of Tibetan culture in this part of the country. The great Dalai Lama lives here. If you want to awaken your spiritual powers then visit this mystical land. Find solace in the lap of nature, visit Dharmashala. Dharmashala is a great place for camping, trekking, and other adventure sports. The distance from Delhi is 475 km. 


Well, this place is a perfect staycation destination. If you need a little bit of solitude then try exploring Dhanachuli. This place is adorned with apple orchards, green meadows, beautiful landscapes, and lavish resorts. For a stress-free weekend get out of your city and visit this place. If you want to make your long vacation electrifying then combine Golden Triangle Tour with this one great for you, you’ll get to explore a lot and enjoy your vacation thoroughly.

Valley of Flowers

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The valley looks heavenly during springtime. The riot of colours in the valley will positively overwhelm you. This is mainly a trekking trail and while trekking you can do bird watching and will get an amazing scope for photography. The place is around 512.8 km from Delhi.

Now, you can also explore like a pro traveller. To make the most of out of your trips, follow the best travel hacks available online.


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